Get Young Living Products Free!


There were many requests for an article about this in the survey.  Here is how you can get your Young Living products for free.

Step 1.    When you create your Young Living membership, you have the choice of being a Customer or an Independent Distributor. Choose to be a Distributor; do not let that label intimidate you. Don’t think that you need to find customers to sell products, or that you have to be utilizing so much product each month, etc. None of this is the case.

The Independent Distributor option is the one that allows you to get the best prices, and allows you to receive many benefits.

Step 2. is that you join the Essential Rewards Program. This requires you to make an Essential Rewards Program purchase for a minimum of 50 PV a month. It allows you, during the first 6 months of becoming a member, to earn a 10% commission payment on any Essential Rewards Program order of over 50 PV.  “PV” stands for Personal Volume, which is the value that Young Living associates with its products. You will observe this listed in their catalogue as “Item PV” next to the price. You can then exchange these points for product. You will be charged a nominal postage fee on these “PV points” items.

Between the 7th and 12th month of your membership of the Essential Rewards Program, your commission rises to 15%. Then after a year, you will receive 20% commission.   You can accumulate your bonus PV points over the months, which many people do so that they can receive some of the higher-priced products for free.

Your Bonus PV accumulation is based on maintaining your monthly autoship over a year, with a grace month of no orders. Should you wish to end your autoship, just inform the office. It is important if you choose to do this, that whatever Bonus PV you have accumulated are redeemed at the same time, or you will not have access to the accumulated Bonus PV the following month.

When you next return to the Essential Rewards Program, your Bonus PV will start once more at 10% of your orders over 50 PV and will go through the same time phase as before, till you will be receiving 20% bonus PV after 1 year.

My suggestion is that you develop the habit of doing an order each month of 50 or more PV on autoship. In this way, you will be taking a very positive action and expressing a firm commitment to your health and wellbeing, thus enhancing your own self-esteem.


When you order 300 PV this month, you will receive the YOUNG LIVING  ESSENTIAL OILS FEELINGS KIT. Absolutely FREE!

Folks, this is a no brainer, as the DISTRIBUTOR price for the Feelings Kit is £105  (151€ inc. tax) and it amounts to 149.75 PV, which gives you 50% added value when you order 300 PV. In other words, you are getting 450 PV worth of products. Plus don’t forget if you are on Autoship, this means you will be getting at least 30 Bonus PV and for those of you currently on 20% bonus PV rates, you will be receiving 60 bonus PV.

In addition, the Feelings Kit Ritual, which we will be presenting in detail here in The Ocotea Newsletter over the coming weeks,  will open you up to operating in the Quantum Field of life with ease, grace and magic.

Do not miss this one!


Don’t miss the new data under the “HEALTH tab about using Thieves Essential oil for dental hygiene, and Frankincense Essential oil for promoting improved vision and emotion al presence.

About Rex

I've been an innovator at the cutting edge of bodywork practices during the past 40 years. Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils represent, from my own experience, a quantum leap in my own personal journey and also in my capacity to initiate profound changes for my clients and students.

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  1. I am a YL distributor and have ordered products totaling over 300 PV but have yet to receive the FREE Young Living Essential Oils Feelings Kit! I called the Young Living Customer Service to ask about this offer and they said your Newsletter and offer are not part of Young Living products! Why don’t you make that CLEAR IN YOUR NEWSLETTER?

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